Texas U.S. 32nd Congressional District

Texas U.S. 32nd Congressional District

Texas U.S. 32nd Congressional DistrictTexas U.S. 32nd Congressional DistrictTexas U.S. 32nd Congressional District

God - America - Freedom!

Texas U.S. 32nd Congressional District

Texas U.S. 32nd Congressional District

Texas U.S. 32nd Congressional DistrictTexas U.S. 32nd Congressional DistrictTexas U.S. 32nd Congressional District

God - America - Freedom!


Jeff Tokar

     Jeff Tokar has lived and worked in Texas U.S. Congressional District 32 since coming to Texas in 1983.  He has been married to wife Kelly 31 years and has two sons, Tyler & Wife Ariel, and Taylor.  Both sons and daughter-in-law are graduates of Texas A&M University. His life has been dedicated to family, church, work, and community in district 32.  The Tokar family is pictured below. Brooke is consider family and hopefully soon will be officially family.

About Jeff

Emergency 1st Responder

Jeff is a 34-year professional firefighter retiring as a Captain/Paramedic from the Garland Fire Dept. in 2013.  His life has been committed to serving the community from the loss of life and property. He has served as president of the Texas Association of Fire Educators six years, was an inaugural member of Texas Task Force 1 Urban Search & Rescue Team, and has been the Director of Education training emergency 1st responders across the United States on the Fire & Emergency Training Network (FETN) and PULSE Emergency Medical Update.


Jeff holds a BS in Theology, and Masters in Executive Fire Service Leadership, is a National Fire Academy Executive Fire Officer, and hold a Master Firefighter certification with the Texas Commission on Fire Protection.


Jeff has been emersed in district 32 (formerly CD5) since moving to Texas in 1983.  He has loved this community serving as a Deacon in his church and many organizations like the Noon Exchange Club of Garland, Rotary Club, Lions Club, and organizer of the Citizens Firefighter Club of Garland. He has coached over a decade in the North Garland Little League, served as chairman of Richardson Sports Inc. football program, developed and coached the Richardson Little Rams youth football program, was a founder and first president of the Dallas Select Football League for area youth in Dallas, Richardson, Garland, Sachse, Wylie, Rowlett, Rockwall, Mesquite, and other cities throughout the DFW Metroplex.  He has served as president of the Richardson Duck Creek HOA, president of the Berkner High School booster and touchdown clubs, and coached high school 7-7 summer football.  Jeff's life has been integrated and dedicated to serving the lives of the citizens in Texas U.S Congressional District 32.

Core Values

Jeff's core belief  is America is truly a nation blessed by God's divine guidance.  He has authored "The American Resolution 2020" as a model to America's future by examining our past and present condition as a country.  This resolution is a modern declaration of independence to our government championing the return of government to the states and individual citizens.  If we desire to continue as Americans in the pursuit of life, liberty, property, and happiness we must take action in the next election.

Jeff Tokar is a dedicated pubic servant and will move from "of the people" to be sent "by the people" to congress where he will be 100% "for the people".  He wants to preserve the American dream for our children, grand children, and generations to come.  The youth of tomorrow should not to be inhibited with the financial constraints and regulations this generation has imposed upon them.  They need to have the freedom to dream, create, innovate, and achieve the industrial and technological greatness of generations past while enjoying prominence found in peace through strength, distinction in our constitution, and eminence in the opportunity to live the American dream as "One Nation Under God".

Jeff is proud to be a Christian constitutional conservative republican who is a champion of God, Country, and Freedom!

Please vote and support Jeff Tokar to serve Texas 32nd United States Congressional District, the State of Texas, and the citizens of the United States of America by sending him to Washington as our congressional representative.  We must replace establishment politicians with representative who truly desire to serve "We the People".  Jeff Tokar will be that servant to and for America!


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The American Resolution 2020; Here's the Reason Why! Podcasts

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The American Resolution 2020

America has lost her way for God and the Constitution.  We have wandered from what our divinely inspired founding fathers sought for our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness proded through the providence, blessing and guidance of God.  The resolution is a commitment to return America back to "We the People".

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